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10 November 1985
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I'm a college senior who has sunk into the depths of insanity and is pursuing a classical civilizations major, with the eventual intent to teach, though don't ask me what. When I'm not studying (and often, when I should be studying...) I'm usually found writing. I write primarily urban fantasy romance, although I have drabbled in other genres in shorter works.

Completed: 5/100

Longan MacGregor
Completed: 5/100

My current WIPs:
Death's Embrace
As a newly fledged vampire and girlfriend of the most powerful vampire in town, Reina figures her life is about as complicated as it can get — until she finds an half-naked incubus cowering on her front porch one night. She invites him in out of the cold, and what starts as a simple act of kindness quickly becomes a fight for their lives. Damis wants their help finding his missing girlfriend; Longan is initially reluctant to get involved, but changes his mind when members of his own brood begin to disappear.

When the missing are found dead and the body count continues to rise, Reina, Longan, and Damis must overcome the tensions between themselves if they’re going to have any hope of finding the killer before he finds them.

My past WIPs:
Copper Kiss
Everyone knows empaths don’t dream. Reina Campbell hasn’t dreamed since her empathic skills manifested when she was ten, but all that changes the night she dreams of her best friend’s murder. It leaves her shaken, and when she finds Adri’s body the next morning, mutilated almost beyond recognition, she’s furious. She calls the police, but they shrug off the case and try to convince her that it was an animal attack. Reina knows better, and she’s determined to find justice for her friend.

Unknown to Reina, Longan MacGregor, a centuries-old sire vampire, is just as desperate to find the killer as she is. When their investigations repeatedly put them in one another’s way, the two reluctantly decide to join forces. As they grow closer to one another, they also come closer to finding the killer, a vampire from Longan’s past whom he hasn’t seen in nearly four hundred years. The reunion isn’t a happy one, and it ends with Reina captured and Longan desperate to find her before she’s killed — or worse, turned and bound to the one man Longan hates over all others.

More information about my books and my writing can be found at my website and writing blog, here.